Military Law

Having the freedom to select your own civilian counsel for legal representation is an important option for members of the military. Even though you are entitled to free military counsel, you can search for a highly qualified civilian defense attorney who has greater experience and understanding of military law. At the O’Brien Law Firm, Hampton Roads Virginia Military Law Attorney Crystina M. O’Brien has the necessary background in military law to provide you with such excellent counsel.

O’Brien Law Firm

Ms. O’Brien has a long history of military service and understands what it takes to defend soldiers and win a case. She has international experience with litigation on the behalf of military clients and is not intimidated by any type of crime. This is the experienced, tough and bold attorney you want on your side when facing serious charges or court-martial actions. Crystina M. O’Brien is certified in the Armed Forces Court of Appeals. She also is qualified to represent members up against court-martial charges in any of the Branches of Service.

Hampton Roads Virginia Military Law Attorneys

Representing our military members is an honor that we take seriously. We are willing to meet with any military member to discuss courts-martial, non-judicial punishment or other military legal questions in a free consultation. We also want to advise you about other administrative matters and to help you fight adverse actions that could affect your rights as a veteran or impact your future military career.

Solving Problems…Creating Solutions

Our firm is small, but excellent. We enjoy creating innovative solutions to problems and treat every case individually with personalized attention. We have a special affection for working with military clients. Our offices are conveniently located in Hampton, VA, and we serve clients from this entire region with top-notch legal services for clients facing military law matters, including:

  • Courts-Martial
  • Separations
  • Administrative Punishment
  • Privacy Act Violations
  • Disability Board Review
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • VA Matters

For legal counsel from highly qualified Hampton Roads Virginia Military Law Attorneys, call the O’Brien Law Firm at (757) 915-6986.