Family Law

Family Law includes much more than just marriage and divorce issues. Hampton Roads Virginia Family Law Attorneys Crystina M. O’Brien and Tiffany N. Sullivan have helped hundreds of clients find workable and fair solutions to family law matters. Clients soon learn their decision to trust the O’Brien Law Firm with their most intensely personal legal matters is a good decision. We give every client the personalized attention they deserve, and we are always available.

O’Brien Law Firm

Custody, alimony, visitation, separations, adoptions, property distribution and military benefits are just a few additional areas where clients seek legal representation from the O’Brien Law Firm. Even when a divorce is uncontested, there are excellent reasons to obtain the services of these experienced family law attorneys. Cost-efficient negotiations, mediation and settlement agreements often are very complex, and the best road to solving problems is to get the legal assistance you need, right away.

Hampton Roads Virginia Family Law Attorneys

Our attorneys understand the stress and dilemma that family matters can create for families. We regularly go into court for clients to help solve their custody and visitation disputes and to negotiate consent orders. We have reasonable fees, including flat fee rates for an uncontested divorce. If you require protective orders against an abusive partner or spouse, we can help you get that or if you need to defend yourself against unjustified restraining orders.

Solving Problems…..Creating Solutions

Solving problems on an individual, case-by-case level is our specialty. We believe the best legal representation is possible when your attorney cares about your welfare and your objectives. Attorneys at the O’Brien Law Firm are hard-working, compassionate, caring people who enjoy helping their clients achieve some peace of mind by solving their Family Law problems. We are experienced with local court systems and are actively welcoming clients from all of the Hampton Roads, Virginia geographic area.

For creative solutions to your Family Law problems, contact Attorneys Crystina M. O’Brien and Tiffany N. Sullivan at our Hampton, VA offices; call (757) 915-6986.