Juvenile Law

Parents often make the mistake of allowing or encouraging their children to speak to the police, unaware of the potentially grave consequences and not appreciating that the right to remain silent serves to protect the innocent as well.

Our firm represents juveniles accused of all types of criminal offenses, including: underage drinking, disorderly conduct, trespassing, shoplifting and larceny, robbery, drug charges, assault, juvenile sex crimes and malicious wounding.  We provide juvenile criminal defense law services for parents, foster parents and guardians. Let us be your child’s voice and help your child protect a promising future.

In Virginia, a juvenile is defined as any child under the age of eighteen and delinquent is defined as a juvenile who has committed an act that would be a crime if committed by an adult.

We also represent children when the government brings actions against them as in a “Child in Need of Supervision (CHINS) Petition.”  CHINS Petitions usually come under one of two categories.  The first being juveniles who, while being subject to mandatory school attendance, are habitually absent without valid excuse. The second category is for juveniles who remain away from their family or guardian without permission.

While all of the attorneys in our firm practice in the Juvenile Courts, Ms. Tiffany Sullivan brings the highest level of experience and depth of knowledge in the Juvenile Law area.  She is an experienced attorney and licensed social worker,  who firmly believes that every child should have a voice.  She brings her experience, fight and knowledge of juvenile criminal proceedings to bear on your behalf so that you can be sure your child’s voice will be heard and the child’s rights are being protected.

Fighting a juvenile charge isn’t just about keeping your child out of a juvenile detention facility – it is about protecting their promising future!  An adjudication of delinquency could cause future problems securing college funding, possibly finding job, and may impact their eligibility for various government program benefits. For example, a juvenile drug conviction will make that person ineligible for federal student financial aid.

Your child’s defense attorney will need to understand juvenile criminal defense law and the rules of juvenile court.  An effective defense requires experience and Ms. Sullivan, and the attorneys at O’Brien & Sullivan Law Group have it.