Nanita Cornish


Driven to law at a young age by her strong desire to help others and have equality and justice prevail, Nanita Cornish is a passionate advocate who fights vigorously for each and every client.  Her goal has always been to make sure that every person, no matter what walk of life, is able to receive competent and zealous legal representation.  Currently, Nanita is focusing on Bankruptcy Law.  With Nanita on board to head our Bankruptcy section, we can now provide Bankruptcy services to clients all over the Hampton Roads Area.  Ms. Cornish brings over 14 years of experience  and a desire to help clients get out from under crushing debt.  Her goal is to assist you in being able to start fresh with a bright outlook on your financial future.

As a Senior Attorney of the The O’Brien Law Firm, Ms. Cornish comes with a vast amount of experience in various areas of the law.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Old Dominion University in 1997.  Thereafter, she graduated from the University of Richmond’s, T.C. Williams School of Law in 2000 and started her legal career at Legal Services of Eastern Virginia, Inc.  She worked as a Staff Attorney in their Hampton and Norfolk offices.  Ms. Cornish spent several years there representing clients primarily in family law cases, to include contested divorces, custody/visitation and child/spousal support matters.  Ms. Cornish was able to gain invaluable experience in family law while at this office, as the policy was to only represent lower income clients in court if the family law matter was contested and the opposing party was represented by an attorney.  She litigated many complicated divorces and custody matters as a young attorney and developed excellent trial and negotiation skills.  Nanita also handled elder law and estate planning matters for senior citizens, as well as landlord tenant cases.

Ms. Cornish continued her civil litigation practice as a Managing Attorney at The Law Offices of Steve C. Taylor in their Suffolk office.  There she focused on Bankruptcy Law and was admitted to Federal Bankruptcy Court.  In 2006, Nanita started working at the Hampton Public Defender’s Office and remained there for nine (9) years.  She handled exclusively criminal cases and was Deputy Public Defender of the juvenile team and was responsible for supervising the attorneys that practiced in juvenile court.  Prior to leaving, she also served as Deputy Public Defender of a team of attorneys that practiced in general district court.  Ms. Cornish zealously defended children and adults during her time with the public defender’s office.  As a deputy, she handled the more difficult cases on the team, including, but not limited to, robberies, rapes and child abuse cases resulting in death.  She successfully defended tough cases, several by jury trial, to “not guilty” verdicts.  Also, Ms. Cornish has gained special expertise in juvenile law and due to her fondness of children, is able to connect with and relax her juvenile clients, as well as their parents, during what can be a stressful process.

In addition to being the Managing Attorney for all Bankruptcy and Consumer Law matters, Ms. Cornish represents clients in Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Adoption, Juvenile Criminal, Delinquency Petitions, CHINS Petitions, Traffic Tickets, Misdemeanor Defense, Felony Defense, DUI or DWI, Guardianships, Actions to Expunge Records, Restoration of Civil Rights and Restoration of Driving Rights Matters.  She provides a free 30 minute consultation for most criminal and juvenile matters.  She charges a small fee for family law consultations if the client wishes to discuss the details of the case prior to finalizing their choice of attorney.

Nanita is excited to be back in private practice.  She is anxious to continue to use her strong trial litigation skills, as well as her vast knowledge and experience to benefit her clients, in and out of the courtroom.